We founded 4tomorrow.ch primarily because we are surfers.

On our travels the waves we noticed how the pollution of seas, beaches and even rural areas has reached an unbearable extent. You come out of the water and are littered with itchy pustules, then you walk home on a gushed beach. Between plastic and fishing nets you try to find your way. Unfortunately this is not even an exaggerated and sad reality.

But just complaining will not change anything and just will not do anything, either. So we try to make a small contribution with 4tomorrow.ch to make this planet a more pleasant place again. Environmental protection does not have to be boring and you can also do without Birkenstock sandals. Our goal is to offer alternatives that are more ecological and more ecologically compatible than the well-known plastic products. At the same time also attractive and qualitatively equivalent or better.

Sabrina Urbani und Deniz Cetiner

Sabrina in Santacruz
Deniz in luz